Friday Recs

Lots of them, since I have been busy and am a couple of weeks behind.

First we start with my favorites of the bunch. I was on an historical binge, and absolutely fucking loved these three books, all by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon:

My absolute favorite historical of the bunch though was this one:

I really liked Heidi’s style. I’ve seen her work around a million times but never quite managed to get around to it. If I have the pennies, ARe is doing a 50% rebate thing tomorrow that I may abuse to pick up more of her work 😀

I wish there were more. I am very impatiently awaiting Thief by Ava March. I love most of her work, and adored her Christmas story My True Love Gave to Me.

Am still wanting more good historical stuff, so if anyone knows of any that I might not have read, let me know.


Next up is the Superpowered Love series by Katey Hawthorne. It’s a cute series, though I definitely think the first book is the weakest of the set. Love love the second one, and I’m about a quarter of the way through the third and loving it to death. I’ve seen the series around before, but TBH I was always put off by the cover art. I cannot stand the art style. The books definitely worth reading, though. Cannot wait to get some work done so I can get back to Nobody’s Hero.

Next up, some random bits and pieces.

Always love love JL Merrow. I’ve got Camwolf and Midnight in Berlin to read still (werewolves!) and cannot wait.

Tryst was cute. It had its flaws, and I wish it had been longer and slower, but it was a cute, silly little read. Reminds me of that movie where the chick jumps off a bridge and goes back in time? Kate and Leopold? Something like that.

Jack is actually the second in a series, but it’s one of those where each book stands on its own. I may go back and get the first. A bit different from what I usually read, but that’s a good thing. K.A. Mitchell is proving to be an awesome writer. The other two books I’ve read so far are The Christmas Proposition and Bad Boyfriend

And that’s a wrap for now :3 Everybody have a good weekend 😀