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Totally did not get around to this last Friday ^^;;

This book is a bit on the odd side, and I definitely don’t think everyone would like it. Wild west + magic + Azetc gods = one hell of an interesting book. But it’s not a quick read, convoluted, violent, and the back and forth in the timeline thing can drive some people up the wall.

That being said, the characters all kick ass. Chess. OMG Chess. That is one crazy ass bastard. Gay, flamboyant, proud of it (in the wild goddamn west) and will kill anything that so much as blocks his view of a door. Crazy motherfucker and he’s AWESOME. The narrator, Ed, is odd for a narrator. Very quiet, very background, almost, for the main voice of the book. But that suits him, suits the book. Even Rook is cool in his own you fucking asshole way. And not a one of them is easily slotted as good or bad guy. GOD I want the second and third books, but I must wait until bills and shit are paid. SULK SULK SULK.

If you don’t like horror, or books that tend toward convoluted, avoid this. But it’s the best book rec I’ve been given in forever and I loved the fuck out of it.

As I have oft said, I am Sasha’s biggest fan. If I did not live with her, I would stalk her quite ruthlessly. Mutual stalking may actually have been how we met, hmm. Anyway, What Matters Most is her newest release at LT3 and I loved it from the first draft ^___^ I always liked this one because it’s about a man who has done his best to stand up for a cause (oddly apropos, given the Hop), and now is dealing with the fallout of taking that stand.

I’ll be honest and say that I first rejected Heart’s Home because I hate the cover. It completely undermines the book, IMHO, and it’s a really good book. My only real quibble was that the werewolf got a little repetitive in his emoing/whining. But it’s a minor thing, and subject to personal pref. I loved the setting, I loved it happened AFTER Jack the Ripper and the way that affected things. Loved the characters. But if I hadn’t happened to read a post where the author was guest blogging and really liked it, I probably never would have bought it b/c of that bodice ripper cover. It is worth reading, though, so don’t be petty like me.

Love this author duo. I recently reread Room at the Top, and have been looking forward to Rock and a Hard Place. Definitely worth the wait ^__^ It’s not really enemies to lovers, per se, but it is ‘coworkers who loathe each other for no good reason and finally figure that out’ which is close enough. Absolutely loved when they were trapped on the island. So well done, I loved they were not somehow survival experts and could make fun of themselves for that, and still scrape by and all. My fav part of the book, though the rest of it is just as solid.

Wasn’t sure about this book a couple of times, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the chars eventually. They both kind of make you want to reach into the pages and choke them a couple of times, but then you’d feel bad and be compelled to make them cookies or something. I loved the premise, I like neither character is all sparkles and light, but once they stop fucking up and misunderstanding they’re really cute–and watching them fuck up is hilarious at some point, and headdesk at others. Loved how it all played out.

I almost did not read these books because the Silver Publishing website has became a source of frustration for me -_- It took me two hours to buy these four books. The sad part is that I was going to buy the whole set. But I could never find WHERE to buy the whole set. I felt dumb for not being able to figure it out. And every single page takes forever to load. By the time I got these four, I was ready to throw my computer across the room (and this is why the links go to ARe).

These four were all wonderful reads. My favorite is Always MJ, b/c fuck am I sucker for the premise. I won’t spoil the secret admirer, but when I realized who it was I was sold. Totally biased and in love. I’ve read it like three times. Taxes and TARDIS, so fucking adorkable. I’ve read some reviews that the end was overwrought, but I ate that shit right up. Prove Me Wrong was one I bought not sure if I’d like it, but the MC is so much love. Watching him fall is the cutest, most hilarious thing ever. The psychic touch was very well done. Don’t Judge a Book was the most serious of the lot, and I really liked both chars: their insecurities, the way they both behaved (often poorly) and how in the end they actually got it all to work. Much love to all these authors.
And … that appears to be it. I thought I had more. But double checking my lists, I see there were like five other books that I read, but am not inclined to rec.

Books I plan to buy once I have money again:

One Small Thing
The Chimera Affair
Mourning Jack
The next two Hexslinger books :3
Armed & Dangerous (I am kind of nervous of reading this series, cause I loved the first one and don’t want to ruin it, but the latest one is out so I feel it’s time).

There are others, and we won’t discuss the books I have that I still need to read ^^;;; Oh, to have a week off just to catch up on my reading.

Everyone enjoy the weekend ^__^ I’m going back to torturing Jet and Jason. I don’t know why anyone allows me to write contemporary, I really don’t take it seriously enough.

5 thoughts on “Friday Recs

  1. I love the Cut & Run series! I died when I it on your book list that Armed & Dangerous is out.

    I love all your books/novellas/short stories and pretty much bought anything you’ve put up for sell. I really appreciate you starting the booklist recommendation. They’re good really good read while I’m waiting for my favorite authors to put out new works.

    I do understand how it takes when our muses are being stubborn so I never bug anyone about then their next stuffs going to come out. LOL I rather get quality than quantity any day ^__^!!! I’m quite happy with reread of the favorite books that I have.

    All the time that I’ve reread your books I always enjoyed them thoroughly! ^____^ I’m a huge fan but NOT deranged LOL.

    Fuck anyone who tries to get on your case keep up what you are doing I love your works!

    /back to lurking in the background in a non-creepy way LOL

  2. Oh, man. That would drive me crazy. I reeaaallly can’t wait to get to Rope, but I’m trying to be good and get some writing done first. Thanks for the rec ^__^

  3. I was like 10 pages away from finishing the sequel A Rope of Thorns and now I can’t find it. :/ I SUSPECT I left it at my mother’s last weekend. Five hours away.

    Hulk smash. I need more Chess. Yesterday.

    But yay, now more stuff to add to my massive but awesome to-read pile.

  4. I have Book of Tongues loaded on my ereader but haven’t gotten to it. I also have the sequel. Have you read that one?

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