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I wish I could find the original conversation on LJ, but I remember that I was home visiting my parents and being a shameless bum on their couch. This was several years ago now. Back then, I was still writing for free, and often got roped into doing stuff by my crazy ass friends (<3 <3 <3). One of the random stories they talked me into was about a demon who finds a baby and is forced to take care of it (yes, this did start as a discussion of The Labyrinth). That story is in Magic & Mischief, and is called The Spawn.

The second story started with a mock argument of the age old debate of who would win in pirates vs. ninjas. Somewhere in the mess, it was decided I should just write a story about a pirate and a ninja. Because apparently I can be talked into anything (this is true, I was bored enough one day to write macguyver/bond fanfic. it’s on AO3 if you require proof).

Behind the Mask was the result of that particular pwning. Always Masked I wrote much later, for Sasha. It’s even more random: a ninja turned into a vampire who meets an incubus.

Now, apparently, the next Masked story must be ninja/cowoby. I have no idea. I do what I’m told, haven’t we all realized this by now? Especially when I’m being told to do something absurd, because why not?

If you want to read about my vampire-ninja, ’tis here:

On the coming soon front, the short story I wrote while on vacation actually got edited way faster than anticipated. It is now coming out June 6th ^_^ For those that liked Kiss the Rain and An Admirer, this story is set in the same verse. It deals with all new chars, since that’s kind of how these stories roll, but you get a little bit more of the Territories only mentioned in the other stories, and a working mage & fighter rather than students and a banished mage ^__^

Riot faithfully served his lord for two decades, putting his mage skills to use helping to fight the beasts in the Territories and to make the lives of the castle inhabitants easier. When his lord dies, he is replaced by a younger man with no interest in retaining a man of Riot’s age and old-fashioned notions. His position lost, his belongings confiscated, with barely any coin to his name, Riot flounders in a world that seems to have no place for him, desperate for whatever work he can find—but adamant he will not break the rules he has lived by his entire life.

And now I am getting back to work, b/c my work list continues to grow and grow ^^;;; If you are expecting an answer from me, and I don’t give it in a reasonable time frame, definitely feel free to email me again and say HEY HOOKER THERE’S THIS THING CALLED A REPLY BUTTON.

Peace out :3

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  1. I am filled with GLEE!! I thought always masked was never going to be published as a full book :’D

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