Yay, Friday \o/

Alas, no recs today. I’ve been so busy writing and editing this week that I have had no time to read. But the next three months all have books for which I have been impatiently waiting, so there will be plenty in the future 😀

I was so busy yesterday, I was a dumbass and forgot to pimp that the wonderful L.J. LaBarthe posted an interview with me on Wednesday ^__^ It was a lot of fun, and you can read it here. Somewhat related (you’ll see how), apparently poaching Venus Fly Traps is a problem around here where I live now O_o I didn’t know that was a thing (You can poach plants? I’m such a city person). Oh! We live on the edge of a lake that is apparently filled with alligators. Only Brandie has seen one, though. We did see turtles and a heron, though ^__^ And, like, approx 5,000,000 geese and ducks.

This weather needs to hold so I can go to the beach tomorrow. And I really need to crack down on writing/editing some more so I can allow myself to go to the beach :3 So everyone have a good weekend ^____^