Wednesday: New release, WIPs, LiAW

First up, my new addition to the Jewel Bonds verse is out ^__^ I wrote An Exception while I was on a (working) vacation moving from Ohio to North Carolina. It’s very short, only about 10k, but I wrote it for fun and as a nice break from all the long, involved stuff I’m writing.

Riot faithfully served his lord for two decades, putting his mage skills to use helping to fight the beasts in the Territories and to make the lives of the castle inhabitants easier. When his lord dies, he is replaced by a younger man with no interest in retaining a man of Riot’s age and old-fashioned notions. His position lost, his belongings confiscated, with barely any coin to his name, Riot flounders in a world that seems to have no place for him, desperate for whatever work he can find—but adamant he will not break the rules he has lived by his entire life.

It’s on the LT3 site today, and if you prefer the 3rd party vendors, those will go up tonight (and so Amazon and all will be live by tomorrow) ^__^

Am currently working on two main books right: Chaos is getting beaten into shape, and when I am able I am picking away at an idea I’ve had forever and suddenly refuses to shut up. The very basic idea is a world plagued by beasts, monsters, demons, wild magic, etc. It’s a very dangerous place, and the king keeps order through very specially trained warriors. Most elite of these are his Princes of the Blood–men turned into vampires, and who are not to be fucked with. The stories are meant to be largely stand alone, but overlap in small ways (much like the Dance books). The first one is called Of Last Resort. If you want to read a snippet of it, I posted one here.

That same post also has a snippet of Chaos, and a fairytale I wrote for an LiAW prompt. I took this one when it came up for grabs again, because it was my second choice after the one I got :3 I actually meant for it to be darker, but my brain was having none of that, so it turned out rather short and cute/silly. I hope peeps like it ^__^

Speaking of LiAW, I have been utterly blown away and grinning like an idiot over how well The High King’s Golden Tongue has done. I was really afraid it wouldn’t do well, because it’s fantasy, and so short, but there’s still a fair bit going on. But everyone has really liked it, and said awesome things, and I cannot express how much I appreciate it. I always want to babble more, but I hate coming off like an idiot or something, so I tend to just stay quiet and focus on work/writing. But it makes my day every time I see someone says something. I’ll definitely play with that world again sooner rather than later.

To go off on a tangent, I’ve been rather O_o lately at all the posts popping up on my GR feed about authors who go off the deep end (gleefully). There was one asshole yesterday that I finally reported, because seriously. Readers are allowed to say not nice things. Of course I’m a little sadface when somebody doesn’t like a story, especially if it’s a reader who usually does like my books. I’m only human. But it’s more of an ‘oh, I let them down’ thing, not a ZOMG HOW DARE THEY NOT LIKE MY BOOK thing. It’s just embarrassing watching fellow authors freak out and act like assholes -_- Walk away, dude, walk away.

For those who were fans of Missing Butterfly, my new serial in that verse, Love You Like a Romance Novel, starts very soon. Different characters, though you’ll catch glimpses of Cassidy and Malcolm. I’m very pleased with it, and so is everyone else who has so far read it. To those who subscribe, I hope it does not disappoint. To those who are waiting for the ebook, I hope eventually it is worth the wait.

And since I plan so far ahead on my to dos, just so I know what’s what, after Romance Novel my next serial will be Dance Only for Me. Jackie Black will be joining the ranks of paranormal investigators alongside Christian and Johnnie. He’s a sorcerer, and a cowboy, and I’m very excite.

Much much love to those reading Lost Gods as it comes out. I’ve gotten some really awesome reviews from some seriously kick ass people, and it means the world to me. Poison comes out the end of next month, and I hope peeps continue to enjoy.

Speaking of LG, the Burning Bright giveaway will be going up later today.

LT3 has accepted a slew of submissions lately, and they’re very awesome. The Bestiary call for submissions is wrapping the end of this month, so if you have a suitable story definitely get it to us ^__^ Which reminds me I have to decide what sort of call to prep next.

If you have a desire, feel free to state it. LT3 likes to know what peeps want to read 😀 (and Samantha says I can’t do All Knights All the Time cause she’s no fun like that)

Will have recs this Friday. May start drafting that post tonight, just so it’ll be ready to go and I won’t forget :3

My cats keep waking me up at Ass Crack O’Clock. They’re also being twitchy today. If anybody wants a cat, let me know.

Now that I have harassed you with my endless babbling, my dears, it is time for more coffee and to write emails and do other day job type stuff :3

Have a good Wednesday! <3