Friday Recs

INCURSION by Aleksandr Voinov

Kind of book that makes me glad I read sci-fi now, and definitely the kind of book that could pull someone in to liking sci-fi. My heart goes out to Kyle, not because of his legs, but because of the BS he had to put up with because of that. He’s a great character. Am totally in love with Grimm, exactly what Kyle needs and totally kick ass 😀 And the morphs, god the morphs. They fucking rock.

CATCHING KIT by Kay Berrisford

A story about a human who bring an elf to life, and an elf that brings a human to life :3 Most fun I’ve had with modern paranormal type stuff in forever. And god, poor Denny. There are moments where your heart just breaks for him. And Kit, too, but mostly I just wanted to hug poor Denny. Loved this story, it was a lot of fun to read, but Kay has yet to disappoint :3


My favorite writers are always the ones with a true sense of humor, and Katey does not disappoint. This story is adorable and funny and clever. Poor little fairy, compacts are going to be the death of him. I think the being forced to sit in the tree forever was a favorite part. His progression from I’m Chill to Hulk Smash! was hilarious. I really can’t wait for the next one ^_^ This has the bonus of being a free read, so check it out 😀


I’ve been waiting for this book forever. It’s the sequel to THE GIVEN & THE TAKEN and continues the desperate attempts to escape an angry wolf pack by three men. It’s rare to find books that put so much effort into building a threesome, and the entire book (series) leave you tense and on edge and needing to know what happens next and if they’ll make it. Now I must wait for the third one.


I bought this book thinking it would be crack. Gladiator stuff is always a toss up, since mostly it just winds up sex slave type crap. But this one was really good. I really really like the MC and that’s he a good fucking leader without being pretentious and all of that. So often with stories of kings you get them while they’re still learning the ropes and fucking up every fifteen pages. It was fun to read about a guy who knows his shit, and see him actually get the one things he’s always wanted but could never have.

I FEEL YOU by Alex Berry

This is a cute, solid story about a quiet, overweight guy who (to his surprise) gets hit on by one of the hotties he’s always admired around town. I like stories like this because it proves you do not need buckets of drama or somebody getting shot/beaten/etc to make a good contemp story. And I just really liked both chars; they were seriously ordinary guys.