New books!

After all this time it’s still always a weird moment to know that a book is done, wrapped, and out there. You get so used to working on it, in being lost in it, that once you’re done it’s kind of “…..”

Which is why I generally just go off and start something else. It also keeps me from fretting if anyone likes the book, and doing stupid things like going to look at reviews and what all.

I do hope peeps enjoy Black Magic. I’m happy with how it turned out, and ecstatic that it’s finally done 😀 I’ll be working on the print tomorrow.

My other story is Love Tokens, about an incubus and a demon. It feels like I never really get to write short, cute stories anymore, and despite some slightly morbid notes this one I think falls into that. The other LT3 Halloween Rentboy stories are equally awesome, definitely check them out ^__^

Speaking of books, for those who did not see it, Dance Only for Me finally has a cover and a GR listing (and soon an LT3 listing, when poor Sasha has time):

I am currently writing or plotting so many things, I’m not really sure where to start. Finishing up the above, and I’m also working on a story for SMP’s call for dragon stories. Am excite, I love any excuse to write dragons 😀

My parents bought a house!!! So I am woefully behind on giveaways and stuff, I know, but I swear I will catch up to all of that next week after more pressing work and the move is behind me.

In the mean time, enjoy all the shinies at LT3 and look forward to many more to come ^__^ Thanks for reading, peeps! You guys are the best, never doubt it.