New Release: Hold Still

Yay, my Bestiary story is out! 😀

Esen has spent his entire life an outcast, and he threw out his last chance at fitting in when he broke the engagement his family worked so hard to arrange. Sent to the royal palace to fulfill one last duty, he counts the hours until he is literally left homeless and destitute. But hiding away in the royal garden, he accidentally overhears a private conversation and meets the mysterious Queen’s Man …

This story was a lot of fun to write, Esen is a total sweetie (and at times it’s clear he lived alone for a long time :3). I also built a fun verse I may go back to someday. I hope everyone who picks it up enjoys ^__^ As always, you are muchly appreciated, my peeps.

To my fellow Americans, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Everyone else, have an excellent Thursday :3

Now I am off to do some last minute shopping. If I do not return, think fondly of me.