Friday Recs

After a day of mostly cooking, with some cleaning and writing mixed in, I spent all of last night reading. Sadly, of the nine books I’ve read this week, I only have two to rec -_-

On the bright side, they’re two of my absolute favorite authors.

This story is a very sweet, hot, fun time travel style romance. My favorite part of Kay Berrisford’s writing is that she is stellar with the history. The MC and his love interest are both wonderful, and all elements/ramifications of time travel were very well done. I couldn’t sleep at all the night I read this, my insomnia hated me so hard, and this book probably kept me from going insane. It’s definitely the kind of book that leaves you smiling for a while after.

I think when Riptide was pimping this book, they usually described it as ‘haunting’ and that’s a perfect way to describe it. Another excellent historical, and from a time period I generally avoid like the plague. I really liked this one was about German soldiers, that they were not just there to be the bad guys, and that it did not end on a hopelessly depressing note. It took me way too long to get around to this one, but it was so worth the wait.

Am hoping that if I can get enough work and Christmas shopping done this weekend I can read. I have a LOT of books, so I am hoping to get through them. I hope everyone has a good weekend ^__^

One thought on “Friday Recs

  1. Wasn’t Skybound just fabulous?! I loved that one hard.

    I’ve never read the other author. Rec’d at the same time as one I love so much… I totally have to check this out.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend over there!

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