Coming Very Soon :3

It’s really sad that I get so wrapped up in my work, I often forget I have a book coming out until I’m formatting the damn thing.

Anyway, for those who read Wick and might have been curious as to the fate of Starwick, a not-small source of drama between our various players, well wonder no more :3

To save the life of the crown prince, Starwick took a curse upon himself, but the curse leaves him in excruciating pain alleviated only by Tyrwick, the king’s bastard son and a man who has always despised Starwick. If he wants to live they must find the man who cast the curse and take back the ring he stole, but Starwick’s real challenge is not hunting a man—it is fighting his own despair, reinforced by Tyrwick’s cold disregard and his own shadowy life.

Pre-order at LT3 for a couple more days 😀 It’s also on ARe if that is your druther.

Whenever I have time to get back to Wick-verse, it will be Massy’s turn. IIRC, he is a bit prophetic in one of his rambles. Kekeke.

I think the next book up from me will be Love You Like a Romance Novel at the beginning of January, for those of you who are not serial fans ^__^ Serial subscribers will be getting Dance Only for Me, which I am so stupid excited about, I hope peeps like Jackie <3 <3 <3 That is enough rambling out of me for now, I think. Off to bed I go, for tomorrow is going to be busy busy. I hope everyone has a good week ^__^