Looking for More



Looking for More


Looking for More is finally ready for release!

Milo has a pretty good life: nice house, decent job, plenty of time to devote to the movies and games he loves. He also has a hot neighbor, Lewis, who frequently comes by to drag Milo out of his house. If Milo wishes they were more than neighbors, well, he’s working on it.

Then Lewis asks Milo for advice on how to catch the notice of a geek—a man that is everything Milo is not, a man who turns his life into a living hell and makes it painfully clear that Lewis will never see him as anything but the nerd across the street.

You can buy it here in my handy little shop that Sasha made for me, or at all the usual suspects around the internet: Amazon, ARe, Smashwords and the rest are in progress.

Much love to Samantha for helping me with the gamer lingo, and to Sasha for doing all the technical work that is beyond me. I am really not good for much except the writing bit ^^

I hope peeps enjoy! <3

Everybody have a wonderful week! ^__^