GIVEAWAY: Dance with the Devil Paperbacks

In honor of the release of Shield of the Dragon, and the debut of the new editions/covers of the whole series, I am giving away one set of the paperbacks. All six to one lucky bastard: Dance with the Devil, Dance in the Dark, Midnight, Dance Only for Me, Sword of the King, and Shield of the Dragon. Winner will be drawn on September 14th. And this giveaway is international!

Note: the books haven’t much changed content-wise. I’m largely just cleaned up inconsistencies, typos, that kind of thing. I did add a bit more porn to the end of Midnight, but I don’t really count that a significant change.

If you already have the first editions through LT3, the files will be replaced so you’re GTG. If you bought them elsewhere, just email me and I’ll gladly give you the new versions (once they come out, all the books will be updated in September close to/on the release of Shield. I am two books away from having all of them ready at this moment).

Onward to the rafflecopter!

DwtD 1 - Dance with the DevilĀ DwtD 2 - Dance in the DarkĀ DwtD 3 - Midnight
DwtD 4 - Dance Only for Me DwtD 5 - Sword of the KingĀ DwtD 6 - Shield of the Dragon

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75 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Dance with the Devil Paperbacks

  1. My favorite DwtD books are Midnight and Dance in the Dark. There are a lot of really great characters (Midnight, Grim, Chris, the Dragons), so this is a hard decision, but I choose Midnight.

    I have a question concerning the new editions: How much do they differ to the old edition? Is it just a new cover and maybe grammer/spelling correction?

  2. I love this series and am so excited for Shield to come out!!!
    Dance in the Dark is my favorite, but only by a slim margin because I am obsessed with the whole series. Johnnie is my favorite, is it weird that I want to be friends with a fictional character? On a slightly different note, can you please, please release the rest of this series on audio? I listen to DwtD and DitD all the time.

  3. Dance with the devil is my favorite. I love the way the story is told and it was the first book I read by you. And I love every single character though my favorites might be Chris, Sable and Midnight. Not to mention Jackie (Dance only for me) and of course Johnnie.

  4. Oh Dance in the Dark is my favorite though they all have something I like. Looking forward to the next book!

  5. Ooh, giveaway! Thank you!

    I have to say, I loved Midnight. I loved the characters and the plot was pretty gripping as well. Hmm, if I had to choose, I think I liked Neirin and Devlin the most. I like Neirin because he has such a fascinating background and I like Devlin because his POV is just so much fun.

  6. My favourite book was the first – Dance with the Devil. Because I loved the way the cases jumped around in time and how each was a separate story in itself as well.

    But, my favourite character is Johnnie. I love the fact he really doesn’t see himself as others do.

  7. Oooo giveaway. thank you
    I love all books in this searies, it is really hard to choose between so many great characters! Iā€™d have to say Johnnie is my favorite

  8. That’s not playing fair! All of them are my favorites (books and characters)!!! Buuuut, book wise, tie between Dance with the Devil and Sword of the King, though I do love the small Dance ‘verse novellas too (Kipling is the bae, no lie!).

    And -tosses head around- Chris, Ken, Kipling, Wyatt, and Doug; are my faves~ Though, really, I love all the characters and even just putting these five down was sooooooooooooo hard!

  9. Omg ! I’m so excited about this! The dance verse is my favourite of all your books! Of course Dance with the Devil is my top 1. As for the characters Chris, Doug and Midnight , I’d say. Although I like all of them truthfully šŸ˜€

  10. My favorite one is a toss up between Midnight and Dance in the Dark. I love Grim, he’s got a very charming and realistic personality to me.

  11. I remember reading about Chris and Sable when it was still posted on FictionPress and fell in love with the cases as well as development of the relationship. A few years after, I was trying to look for the story again and found it was published already and has an expanded universe to boot! I have to say Dance with the Devil is still my fave more so because it was the first one I’ve read that got me hooked on the fantasy genre. The banter between Chris and Sable and their relationship is ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

  12. I remember reading about Dance with the Devil on FictionPress a few years back and falling in love with the character of Chris. I have to say Chris and Sable are still my most favorite characters; still so happy to see the universe expand to tackle on other relationships.

  13. Dance with the Devil will always be my favorite and I’m still hoping that we will see more of Chris & Sable.

  14. I have hard time choosing between Dance with the Devil and Dance in the Dark. I love all the books. Chris is absolutely my favorite character!! Which is why Dance with the Devil is my favorite. šŸ˜€ <3<3

  15. I haven’t read any of them! Which is not me happy about that fact, by the way. When you come to the Megan Derr love parade late, you’re running to catch up with all the floats that have gone by. (And now I’m imagining what floats would look like for each of your books – and laughing about some of the visuals.) So, the reason I haven’t read any of them is when something is part of a series I want the whole series, and I just have your new books that keep coming out that I need to get to. But I’m sure if I’m the lucky winner of a set of paperbacks (love the new look!), I will be very happy to finally agree or disagree with all the lovely readers here who’ve given their opinions on favorites. And you know I’m getting to these books soon. After all, there’s a new one I have to get to! Thanks for the generosity and the chance at them!

  16. I love Ken, he’s so wants to be a good person and be accepted. I cried at the scene by the pond. Midnight was the first of Megan’s books I read and it lead me to her vast universe. Thanks.

  17. My favorite is probably a toss-up between Dance with the Devil or Dance in the Dark… I absolutely love both of those so much!

  18. Dance in the Dark is my current favorite in the series. Though Kipling’s story is a close second.

  19. My favorites are Dance in the dark and Dance only for me, can’t decide between those two. =) DitD was’t my favourite at first but I fell in love with Johnny and Grim when I read all the shorts and free stories about them.

    DOfM on the other hand has always been one of my favs from all your books. Old school gun slinger sorcerer is awesome concept and Jackie is great character and Ned isn’t too shabby either. =]

  20. Kudos for thinking of those outside the US with the giveaway. Dance is one of my favorite series! Can’t wait to read about the dragons! :)))

  21. I admit I have yet to read DwtD – I generally love all Megan’s books (Tales of the High Court and Deceived stories being my favourite ones), so I’d really like to win the giveaway. I’m collecting all Megan’s paperbacks and I hope to expand my wonderful collection soon.

  22. Dance with the Devil is my ultimate favorite, but Dance Only for Me is a close runner up. It would have been first if the pairing had been a threesome (SPOILER) between Jackie, Ned and Wyatt.

  23. I love them ALL, that’s a really hard choice between so many GREAT characters! I’d have to say Midnight is my all time favorite (if I have to pick one…)

  24. Sable and Christian were always my faves, I’m pretty sure the Dance with the devil stories were the first ones I read by you, way back before less than three was created, so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. Their fantastic chemistry doesn’t hurt either šŸ˜‰ But I also love alllll of the dragons so it’s a really hard choice!!

  25. Yay, a giveaway!! Hurrah šŸ™‚

    My favorite is book 3, Midnight, and Midnight is my most favorite character šŸ™‚

  26. DWTD has always had a special place in my heart. I actually have the 2009 and the 2011 paperbacks, and I’m sure I’ll be buying this new set as well!

  27. This is really tough because I really love all the books, but probably the one that I’ve read the most and keep coming back to is Dance with the Devil. Sword of the King is a very close runner up. However, my favorite character from this series is actually Johnnie. <3

  28. Excite! This is awesome!

    I’m thinking Dance With The Devil. I’ve always really liked that one.

  29. Ha who is my favorite characer? And favorite book? This series is one of my favorites. It’s hard to pick. But I definitely love Sword of the King. mostly because of the dragons, but also because of the myth behind it and the view of the King Arthur legend.

    Though I have to admit that I do love Johnny!

  30. Dance with the Devil holds a special place in my heart, since I’ve read it and reread the various versions of it and ficlets of it since your free fic website was still up! I think it will always be a favorite of mine, and Chris and Sable will continue to delight me with their snark. But I also adore Midnight, and I absolutely love Dance in the Dark, since Johnny and Grim are amazing. The others are also amazing, but… I guess I’ll stick with those three for now.

  31. Oooh. Thank you so much Megan. My favourite will always be Sable and Christian. They’re the first and my one true love. My second love will have to be Johnny and Grim. I have so much love for misfits who carved a life for themselves and fall in love with quite Grim and his cute Grim Reaper hats (hehehe).

  32. Ooh International giveaway…. thank you!

    Favourite character is probably Sable… it’sounds close as Midnight is my favourite book because of Midnight himself…

  33. I can’t wait for this book. I like all of the series, but I think my favorite is the first one. I love the Chris and his gang. But I admit I have loved just about everything you’ve written and most of all I like how your characters have complicated lives no matter what the book is about. Keep on writing.

  34. I am super excited, though I am a bit sad that the black dog case isn’t being added back in, I loved it. Though I can’t remember if it was in the original edition or just online.

    My far dance in the dark. It’s definitely a three way tie between Johnnie, Chris, and Grim. Though, I definitively have a crush on Phil.

  35. Oh yes. I want them all so badly. My favorite is probably a tie between Midnight and Sword of the King. But they were all great. Loved the dragons in them.

  36. Johnny and Bergrin… They have a great place in my heart!! So yeah, Dance in the Dark is my favorite šŸ™‚

  37. I love Dance with the Devil because it was the first and I remember reading on your blog in bits and pieces before it was published. It ties with Dance in the Dark because I liked the use of obscure Russian poetry.

  38. That’s a hard choice, I love Sable and Chris and Midnight with his stubborn Duke equally. And can I just say Squee! To Midnight porn? LOL

  39. What an awesome giveaway, Megan! Thank you! ^~^
    I loved DwtD and have DitD in the hopper to read next!
    I haven’t enjoyed a book so much in a really long time; it was so clever and fun!
    And btw, the new Natasha Snow covers look FANTASTIC! <3_<3

  40. Hmmmm…This is difficult. Because the characters are so different between the books, I’m picking two.

    Blaze from Sword of the King because he truly cares so much for Erie. He could come off as cold or cruel after his time in the pits, but he’s not.

    Jackie from Dance Only for Me is so misunderstood at times it makes me want to just tell him I love him.

  41. I have half this series in ebook and the other half in paper with the old cover. Having the entire series in the new cover would be amazing. I’m really looking forward to Shield of the Dragon coming out! My favorite characters have always been the dragons, so learning more about them in Shield will no doubt make it my favorite book of the series.

  42. That’s like asking who is your favorite child! I love the whole series, but I too am fond of Midnight and also Ken from Sword of the King.

  43. I kind of torn between so many of the characters, I just love the whole series! I love ALL the dragons, theirs characters are just fantastic. I love the dynamic between Johnnie and Grim, but I think I love Wyatt from Dance Only for Me. There’s so much more to him even though he’s not the main character, but he has a presence.

  44. That’s a difficult question, ponder, ponder. I think Dance in the Dark is my favourite, I love especially Bergrin, Ontoniel and Johnny. The bickering between Johnny and Bergrin makes me grin every time I lhear the audiobook or reread the story. It is totally okay, if I can’t win, because I am living in Germany. I haven’t realised, that I can buy them all as real books, that is great.

  45. i have two favourite books and those are dance with the devil and dance in the dark. My favourite characters have to be Chris and sable, love sable and his sense of humour, but then I love Johnny and his bergrin, the tension between the throughout the book was steaming one second and angry the next lol but they all had there happy ever after. I would so love to win these in paperback so I can actual have them physically in my hands when reading as well as having them in ebook format.

  46. OMG šŸ˜€

    Well, nooooot an easy answer, let me tell you. Do I have to choose one? I’m not sure I can~~~

    But, for now, I’ll name “Dance with the Devil”. It was one of the very first books I’ve read by you, and I absolutely fell in love with the Demon trying to make his stubborn mate realise that he intends to keep him šŸ˜€ I think there’s nothing I don’t love about Chris – he’s cool, sexy, knows what he wants, a great friend, and half ghost ^_^ Also, I loved how the book was divided into cases – we not only get to see Chris and Sable’s relationship develeopment, but also Doug and Zach <3 They're so precious <3

  47. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

    For me it’s a tie between Midnight (from Midnight, which is also my favourite book in the series… so far) and Grim (Dance in the Dark).

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