New Ebooks on LT3

Many have probably already seen them, but I wanted to be more up on the pimping, so I am pimping here the two new ebooks added to LT3’s Book Market this month ^__^

One is a serial that just recently wrapped. If you are the type who prefers to wait for the complete story, then here it be! It’s impossible to go wrong with lions :3

The worst thing to keep from your lover is a secret…

Mallory is in love; his boyfriend Alex is all that he could possibly want, and the life they’re building together makes him happy—almost happy enough to ignore the fact that Alex is clearly keeping secrets. As close as they are, Mallory knows practically nothing about him. Alex travels a lot and frequently comes home smelling of blood and is reluctant to discuss his mysterious job. As Mallory has a secret of his own that he is loathe to share, he lets it go.

Until Alex comes home smelling strongly of magic, and Mallory’s need to know overcomes his desire to leave well enough alone and cling to happiness. But his need to know has unexpected consequences and puts both of their lives in danger…

The second is an all new ebook, and a very shiny one ^__^ I am not normally big on first person, but I enjoyed this book immensely.

A junkie addicted to vampire blood, Zach roams around the country as an unattached thrall, always looking for the next vampire to temporarily satisfy his craving. Then he falls in with Jian, a Master-class vampire cursed by a witch to slowly fade from existence. When the witch destroys his home, Jian runs with Zach to start over somewhere else.

He finds a place as Master of Detroit, a position that helps to delay the effects of his terrible curse. But when Silas catches up to them, Jian is out of time and must make a choice about what matters more: his regained power or his blood junkie thrall.

Coming in June: Crown Jewel, The Ambassadors and Fairytales Slashed Vol 3

This weekend, between psychotic amounts of writing, I will add missing ficbits! :3

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  1. I was just on Less Than Three, and I was reading all the little snippets for the new seriels and ebooks that will be coming out later on this year. I’m dying from impatience for Wick and Impractical. Actually, I’m waiting impatiently for all of them, because the snippets are TEASING me with how great all the stories will be.

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