Small Update

Added a follow-up to the Matchmaker ficbit Poetic Revenge, called Irresistable.

Also added a new free read section, called Atypical Stories, called thus mostly because they’re not happy, and happy and fluffy. is what I’m known for.

Only story up at the moment, but I’m really fucking proud of it. Plus, one of my favorite stories of Sammie’s is the one where she drank 40 thimbles of vodka (and her prize for winning was two more shots of vodka) in The Idiot. That place is not made up; if you’re ever in St. Petersburg, drop in :3 I always wanted to use it in a story, and it came together in Russian Roulette.

Finally, added a section for my reviews and such. I have an upcoming author interview with the Book Wenches, so I figured that sort of thing deserved a place. My author creds and all :3 :3 :3

One thought on “Small Update

  1. Oh, matchmaker! Those two are just soooooo cute and I love the way they snarl at each other. *________*

    Good luck with your interview! *hugs*

    I’m not sure if this is a good place to comment about this but here it goes; I’ve a subscription to Lessthanthreepress and I absolutely love all the stories there. I’m sure I will love DitD too but I’ve been saving it ’cause I really want to read it without stopping (and I will also buy the dead-tree-format). Also, your new version of DwtD is awesome. Sable and Chris… *____* And, I absolutely love Doug. I love the way you write not-the-main-characters. I’m always hoping for a sidestory or a snippet just for them. Your writing is so full of feelings (be they good, bad, sad etc.) that they always leave me speechless and bubbling from happiness and excitement. I always walk around with a silly grin on my face for the rest of the day. ^^

    I’ve been reading your stories and following your LJ for years (stalking every day! ^^). I’m sorry for not commenting more often. I’m not very good with words so I never know what to say that would do justice to the stories.

    I apologise if this is a wrong place to babble this all out. O_o *runs*

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