Prisoner Print Winners

Okay, so this morning I recalled I had to pick winners when I got home from work. Then I forgot, until like, fifteen minutes ago. FAIL.

But, winners are picked. I promised three, but I went with five. The five winners should be getting emails :3

Would anybody be interested in another round of this for Bound? (My god, that book caps at 650 pages in print. What the eff eff self, write less. the scary part is that I am shockingly concise for a fantasy writer).

Thank you everyone for the comments. It really blew me away all the things that were said, and that so many people enjoy Prisoner as much as me ^__^

I am still waiting on the proof, but I should be getting it by Friday, Monday at the absolute latest, which means books should go out by end of next week (barring disasters unforseen).

<3 Meg

2 thoughts on “Prisoner Print Winners

  1. Hell YES !!!
    i’ve been waiting for Prisoner and Bound to be in print for like …. a year 😀
    God Knows how many e-mails i sent your way 😀
    i didn’t even read Bound, though i bought it the second it came out, waiting for the print version.>>> yes, i am that loco.
    Mwah !

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