Spookapalooza & the Babes In Boyland

First, I’m going to attempt to participate in this over the next three days:

We shall see how it goes ^^;;; I guess I need to figure out tonight what I will be doing :3

Next up, the marvelous Piper and MJ are hosting a Halloween Giveaway. The entire Dance with the Devil trilogy is amongst the prizes, as is Piper’s upcoming ebook with LT3, Zombie Wonderland, and there are other very awesome prizes :3 If you want a chance to win one of them, follow the link.

That’s all for now. Must do a lot of writing this weekend, between posting and playing on The Romance Studio. Next week, I begin working on Treasure :3

One thought on “Spookapalooza & the Babes In Boyland

  1. Comments are turned off on lj, btw.

    I read through the rules for Spookapalooza. The author with the most comments gets free advertising! I shall try to comment on every post you make. It doesn’t say whether each person is only counted once per post. Like if I say something and someone responds and then I respond to that. I wonder…

    Happy writing this weekend. I’m apparently going to be flea-bombing my house, which seems to involve vacuuming eighty-bazillion times and washing every piece of fabric in the house. Oh, and giving out pills like they are candy.

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