Poll: Rockstar Anthology

So as many know, Less Than Three Press has put out a call for rockstar stories ^__^ They’ll run as one of our popular serial anthologies 😀 Click on the pic for more information! Write us a shiny! :3

Now, my dilemma is this: what should I write for it? I have two ideas, and cannot decide between them. So if you are inclined, my darling readers, you can help me decide ^__^

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4 thoughts on “Poll: Rockstar Anthology

  1. If Midsummer Song does win, I will be so happy. I adore your world of Midsummer and all its characters and I’ve been hoping something new would pop up out of it!

  2. Fantasy should be in all the things :3 :3 :3

    Midsummer Song is going to be about a rockstar who goes to my town of Midsummer looking for a break. The rockstar is a paranormal of some sort, I haven’t decided what yet. Still dithering on whether his love interest is human or paranormal as well.

  3. I’ve actually already started on a writing story to submit! It might be a little strange though, I tend to compulsively inject fantasy into everything I write whether it needs it or not. >.<
    What is "Midsummer Song" about? Reminds me of Midsummer Night's Dream, is it like that at all?

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