Various Things (Sorry I’ve been absent)

Spent the weekend and start of the week hanging out with Samantha and our friend Kathrin ^__^ We had a lot of fun. When to the aquarium (Sasha bought me a stuffed shark! His name is Chompy! Yes, I am five.) Then we went to the Melting Pot (an awesome fondue place) and our waiter was adorable. Had a fucking awesome beer. Then, more or less drunk, we went to see The Dark Knight Rises again. It was a lot of fun ^__^ We spent Monday and Tuesday vegging and working, alternately. Alas, they have gone home again and I am back on the clock! So, various and sundry things, here we a go go :3

Black Magic has a cover! It was designed by London Burden and drawn by Hannah and is utterly perfect ^__^

The Bestiary Collection is coming along nicely. Sammie and her editors are helping the authors get their shinies into shape, and I am working with V. Rios (by ‘working with’ I mean I say ‘draw these things’ and she does all the work) to get illustrations to go with each story. Some of the authors have seen theirs, others are still in for a treat ^__^ This one is for my mine:

Those come out all through November, and every story is much with the awesome ^___^

Am currently cooking. It’s my main hobby, after reading and torturing kitties (they don’t like playing kissy face, I don’t know why). Tonight I am making spaghetti. I doubt my sauce would hold out in an authentic Italian cuisine contest, but my roomies approves 😀 Also am making creme brulee, or would if my stupid fucking oven would ever get to the right temp -_- I dream of having a gas stove again, or at least a stove less than a century old /sigh

The latest chapter of Love You Like a Romance Novel has a cameo that might mean something to some people:

They’d just gotten their drinks when he his feeble hope was dashed. Xavier walked toward them at an easy pace, his dark hair, faintly wine-red where the light struck it, unmistakable. His suit was an elegant three piece in a rich steel gray with a dark green tie that brought out his amber eyes.

He was as handsome as the media loved to claim, smile nothing but warm and charming as he reached them. Holding out a hand, he said, “Xavier Lord, at your service, gentlemen. Ex, please.”

And he is not the only one who will be making a showing, nor is the last time he shows up :3 All of this, of course, leading up to one of my next major projects, already listed on my coming soon page. It also lists the serial to follow Romance Novel 😀 Also finally updated my published works page, which I should have done forever ago but kept putting off because I write too fucking much :3

Would like to have more time to finish up The Goblin Market as well (scroll down past the Black Magic snippet if you just want the Goblin snippet). Hopefully soon, though by the time I’m done with it the thing might be a bit too dark for LT3. We’ll see :3

Conventions coming up soon. All of LT3 is attending YaoiCon, and then Sasha and I will be at GRL. YaoiCon is fun, but GRL has me nervous. I don’t even know what’s entailed with being a publisher there, and I figured I’d be so busy as a publisher I did not sign up for any of the author stuff. Sadly, I am most looking forward to the chance to buy books at both those conventions. I am, at heart, a lover of stories and the chance to buy books and meet authors will always thrill me more than being the author or whatnot ^^;;

I hope everyone that has read LG so far has enjoyed it ^__^ I am super nervous about Chaos, as I know what it’s like to stick with a series and be let down by the last book. Got notification today that the proofs for Stone Rose and Poison prints are on their way to me, so those giveaways will be going up probably) next week ^__^

I’m sure there’s other stuff I meant to babble about. I am sorry I did not do Friday Recs, I wound up having to drive to Rocky Mount to get Sam and Kathrin and just never got to it.

I was also supposed to do a rec post for the fantasy group, but I may just be a loser and do it next week, because today has been a long effing day and I just want to unwind.