Friday Recs (and other things)

Finally am managing to do these again, hooray! Sadly, I do not have many because a) I’ve been busy and b)I’ve been on a fanfic kick.


It’s sad how often I buy fantasy books and either don’t finish them, or wish I had a paperback to launch by the end -_- I am generally a pretty chill reader; I’ll ready anything. But fantasy I tend to be unfairly picky and demanding. I guess everyone has a genre or whatnot like that. Scorpion holds up to my unreasonable standards: the characters kick a lot of ass, the world building is first rate, and the story is very much can’t stop turning pages. I absolutely loved this book.

I don’t think this duo has written a book yet that I’ve hated. Every time I see they’ve got a new one I go full fangirl mode. This is definitely another good one. I always love antagonistic dynamics done well, and they’ve got it down. Watching the mild, restrained accountant come into his own was a lot of fun, and they’re seriously the cutest couple ever.

Everyone now and then I buy a book that is exactly what I don’t like just because I like to see if a book can surprise me. This book is exactly why I do it. I was not expecting much from this book. But it turned out pretty awesome, and the focus was always on the character and the story (not page after page of sex as I honestly figured). I love the world, the different races, especially the Sonta. Loved both of the MCs, and how everything played out. And there should be more stories about the Sonta.

Tentacle fic! Done well! Do I need to say anything else? It’s not page after page of rapey tentacles, which is such a nice change. My favorite story was Wildwood, but all of the stories are solid. I tend to be a big fan of anthologies because it gives me several short stories (since i just don’t have time for long stories very often), but they are very hit and miss. This one is very much worth the money.

That is all for recs ^__^


And so I do not clutter up feeds and all with multiple posts:

Wrote a ridiculously cute and fluffy fairytale earlier in the week, it’s posted here.

Bound is getting turned into an online graphic novel! I’m going to be posting formally about that more later, but I posted some pics from it here.

Have been struggling forever for a Kiss Me at Midnight story, and thanks to Julia Alaric I have one! I’m going to write about Jesse and Rostiya from Dance in the Dark ^__^ There is a snippet here.

And now I must get on with my day. I have submissions to read, ads to make, stories to write … and laundry to do. Boo hiss laundry, boo hiss.

Right then. Time for more coffee. Everyone have a good weekend! ^__^

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  1. I had almost an entire Kiss Me At Midnight story written, and then my computer and backup flash drive decided it suck and ate it…so, I can feel some of your pain. 😛 My laundry’s starting to write love letters to me, trying to entice me to do more of it; so far, it hasn’t worked. *toddles back to the bookselling job before her manager wonders where she went*

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