Tis Friday at Last

Sadly, I have no recs. Mostly because I only read one book and I didn’t like it. Also because I have been sucked into the Teen Wolf fandom. NO REGRETS. The show is a lot of fun, and the cast is awesome. Reminds me a lot of supernatural, which is what first really drew me to it at all. Also Sterek. OTP FOR LIFE.

I have three episodes left to watch, and plan on doing that tonight 😀 First, I have to get work done. So onward with the real content of this post :3

I am participating in the Rainbow Book Reviews Bloghop. My post is here. Sasha is participating as well, and LT3’s giveaway can be found on the bloghop master post.

Most of my week, as I’m sure everyone has noticed by now, has been on getting LT3’s Bestiary collection up. I’m stupid excited about it, every story submitted is made of awesome ^__^ Check them out if you’re so inclined, they come out in November.

Have also been showing off the online graphic novel version of Bound that is going live soon. If you want to see more of that, it’s in this post 😀 😀 😀

Right now, I really want to crawl back into bed. My bed was perfect this morning, it was made of snuggly awesome. Then my cats woke me up because I was ten minutes late feeding them. Now the little assholes are sleeping in my bed. Cats.

Since I know how much everyone actually cares about my cats, I will wrap this up and move on to the next thing I am supposed to be doing, which is finishing up a Halloween story. Possibly I will eat, because food is always a good thing.

I will also strongly resist the urge to watch Teen Wolf until tonight. LONG SUFFERING SIGH.