All of the Things

1 – Writing & LT3 Things

I have three books coming out in the very near future, at the end of September and throughout October.

All four of these releases were a hell of a lot of fun to write. Chaos because it is the conclusion of Lost Gods and comes veeeery close to Burning Bright as author’s fav. I don’t think I’ll be tackling another such series for a while, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to do (and I did a much better job than when I first tried many moons ago).

For my Private Dicks: Undercovers story, The Royal Inquisitor, I got write to knights! Which I think we’re all aware is one of my absolute favorites things. It’s actually set in the same verse as Always There but in one of the neighboring countries. Private Dicks is one of LT3’s best anthologies yet. But I will babble about all the stories in it on the day it comes out ^__^

Love Tokens is the first cute/fun story I’ve gotten to write in awhile. I get so busy doing the novels and novellas, I rarely get to do short and sweet and silly anymore. Also a dash of morbid, because it’s a Halloween theme. My editor for it has ordered me to do more with them, so they may come up again sometime :3 Definitely check out the other Halloween Rent Boy stories! There are ten in total, eight up now and the last two will be up soon ^__^

Black Magic I adored just for the magic, for spinning necromancers as good guys and getting to muck with demons and paladins and alchemists 😀 Also Koray is much with the <3 and it's ridiculously fun to write characters who can't go five minutes without bickering :3 I really hope everyone enjoys it ^___^ Currently, I am deep into Dance Only for Me. Dance verse is always fun because it’s a world to which I am always carefully adding elements. It requires quite a bit of work in keeping track of timelines, characters, etc. Jackie, the MC, is fun because he’s got Southern roots–gunslinger roots, in fact, so this book historical touches. We shall see if I can pull together everything my notes tell me I must, I really can’t wait to get back to it (I’m stuck in editing hell atm).

We are also very busy here at LT3 preparing for our convention double-whammy. There will be a whole crowd of us at LT3, and honestly you may have to poke Sasha and me awake at GRL. But we’ll have lots of shiny books in both places and we love talking to peeps when they stop by to see us 😀


2 – Life Things

Still feeling burnt out and blah. Sasha and Sam are feeling it too, worse than me, I would wager. I keep trying to read, but five pages (at best) into a book I just close it and do something else. I have lots of shiny, shiny books waiting for me and several more on pre-order, but I just don’t freaking care right now.

Most of my free time instead is spent happily playing in Teen Wolf fandom. I cannot wait for Hannibal to start next year. I am also dying for November, when I finally get SKYFALL 😀 😀 😀 I <3 you, James Bond. The James/Q fanfic is going to be ridiculous. The weather is finally cooling down, which means we can bring all of our favorite recipes out of storage. I made veggie soup yesterday, and tomorrow I aim to make bread (also ice cream, which is weird for the weather, but damn it homemade ice cream is the best thing ever). Once it really gets cold I aim to make chili :3 This weekend is all about errands and such. Tomorrow I'm trekking to the DMV to take care of my car. We're also doing haircuts, clothes shopping, and other such things. Somewhere in there we hopefully will also get to finish watching Teen Wolf (I've seen both seasons, but Sasha is only halfway through S2). And that's all I've got. Everyone have a good weekend! <3