Prisoner, Bound, & Crown Jewel

Prisoner is finally here! I am deeply sorry it took so long to finally get printed, everything worked against me. That will teach me to jinx myself. But! the books are all packaged and if you won a free copy from me, they go out in the mail tomorrow! ^__^

Bound has been submitted for print. Having learned mly lesson, once I have them, I’ll run a giveaway for free copies of those :3

My short story Crown Jewel was released this week!

Many thanks and much love to those of you who have already read it and told me you liked it ^__^ Minor bit of trivia, it is set in the same world as The Owl & the Pussycat and I hope someday to play more with them all ^__^

If you have not stopped by LT3 lately, you definitely should! The coming soon page has some promising shinies, and all paperbacks are on summer sale!

Small updates coming this weekend, and stay tuned in July for a hot anthology of boys and summer fun :3

4 thoughts on “Prisoner, Bound, & Crown Jewel

  1. ^____^ I’m thrilled you liked it so much! It went through a lot of tweaking before I managed to get it just right, I am glad it seems to have paid off <3

    I will keep the idea of a ficbit with king, son, and bastard son in mind, cause it sounds like fun. And I'm always stupidly happy when people like my women, and the het relationships, since those get little attention in slashdom.

    Thank you for reading, and for the comments, they totally made my week! ^____^

  2. I finally got around to reading this this weekend and I loved it very much. I always enjoy your works when it’s set in this kind of verse (and this with an…Italian flavor, if I’m not mistaken? :D). I felt like Crown Jewel was a little bit different from your usual type of writing…not sure what exactly it was that did it for me. I really did enjoy the interaction between Celeste and Lazzaro, though. The scene where Celeste quips that it’s fun to break prudes really made me grin. The whole enterprise just gave off a polished feeling for me, like everything was working efficiently and effortlessly. I loved the euphemisms used for prostitution, and I particularly LOVED Lazzaro’s relationship with Benito. I think it’s wonderful that for once, the bastard son gets along famously with his half brother and has a great relationship with his noble father (I’d love to see interaction there). I also particularly liked Benito’s relationship with the lovely Anastasia. Great ebook, I loved it~.

  3. omg, this is awesome !
    been waiting so long for this, i feel like a stalker!
    you are the best !
    thank you!

  4. This summer will be awesome! All those stories coming out, I can’t wait!

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