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Travel and a WIP

Tomorrow at Why the Fuck Am I Awake ‘Clock I am headed up to New York for bridal shower type stuff. Sasha’s sister is getting married, and I am required to attend a tea party, a river tour, and a brewery. Guess which one is my favorite.

That means I will be out of touch all of Tuesday, except by twitter or text. But I will get back to people as quickly as I can. Should be relatively stable come Wednesday, but Friday we’re driving to Albany for the actual wedding stuff (the early part of the week we’re going to see Sasha’s parents since she hasn’t seen them in a bit) so I probably will not be around much over the weekend.

Next Monday we drive back, but then we’ll be busy Tuesday with unpacking and the update etc, and Wednesday we are going to Raleigh for a concert and probably will not be around until late Thursday.

And the week after that we head down to Georgia for Authors After Dark.

I cannot stress enough that we’re probably going to be sporadic at best for the first half of August. We will do our best, LT3 strives to be there for authors, readers, and everyone else with whom we work, but we may be slower to reply/react than usual. Please bear with us.

In the mean time, I am writing where I’m able. Sadly I will probably not make the Proud to be a Vampire collection, but that story will come out later. Between working on harder stuff, I am picking away at this story, if you want to read an excerpt. It’s set in the same verse as Impractical, though none of those characters appear.

If you missed my blog tour for Dance Only for Me, you can check out all the stops here:


And I think that’s all I’ve got. Off to see what else I can knock off my to do list before I must cave and do laundry/packing ^__^ Everyone have a good week! <3

The Remedies are here :3

It’s always kind of weird (and a lot lame) when I get so wrapped up in the story I’m writing that I forget about the story releasing, even though I was just talking about it last week.

But I have never claimed to be anything but weird.

So our stories are out ^__^ And I have already babbled about them incessantly so I shall not harass everyone again. For those who read, I hope you enjoy! I am really fond of Jordan, he’s so cute and fun to write. Sasha has done a couple of posts about the books here and here, and I need to write one today (I was a failure and forgot about the one I should have done Tuesday, it’s a wonder the various review sites put up with me anymore).

We are going to RM today to fetch Samantha and Kathrin for an awesome extended weekend 😀 Tattoos round one (Sam and Brandie) is this Friday, and Sasha and I are next week.

I spent all of yesterday reading through the story that has been hating me and I think I finally have at least a majority of it sorted. If I can find the time, I can crack down on the effing thing. Writing is not normally so argh for me, but I’m so busy with other things the focus is not there.

Peeps are still enjoy my serials, which makes me happy, even if ‘enjoy’ here means ‘calling me a jerk’ :3 :3 :3  Readers seem to forget (and some I guess would not know) that I have been a serial-style writer since I started writing. It’s my game and I play it well, cackling evilly throughout.

For the non-masochists in the audience, Dance Only for Me comes out next month ^__^

Now to go get dressed and clean up the house a bit, and then see if I can’t write that long overdue blog post for tomorrow ^^;;

Ya’ll take care! <3 <3 <3

Books, Cons, Tattoos, and Writing

First up, next week is a double release!

Sasha and I have stupid amounts of fun writing stories in this verse. I think I have approx 500 paranormal verses and I would gladly add another. I love modern paranormal stuff as much as I love straight up fantasy, and short silly stories like this are a nice break from the more complicated verses like Dance :3

Both books are up for pre-order right now, 15% off until next week ^__^ They make me want to go to the beach, but I do not think we’ll be able to do that any time soon because …

Tattoos! I am finally going to start work on one of my sleeves :3 This will be the left arm, and the long-term goal is to cover it in abstract butterflies.  That will be a nod to Butterfly verse, obviously. My chest already has the Scarlet crest from Prisoner (eventually it’ll have arcen blossoms too) and one day my right arm will have the runes from Dance verse :3 I am excited to start the butterflies 😀

LT3 is getting to be  busier and busier on the matter of cons. We had started out this year with plans for GRL & Yaoi-Con. But both of those fell through, so we joined Authors After Dark at the last minute. Now we have AAD is August, the Gay Romance NW Meet-up, and next year we will also have RainbowCon, Yaoi Con, and will be working to add Ahn! Con and ConnetiCon as well, and that’s just for starters.

I am attempting NOT to freak out about panels. I’m not a public speaker, and I’ve certainly never spoken in such an official capacity before. But if you want to see me stumble and fumble my way through it, I’ll be doing a panel at GRNW and a few more at RainbowCon.

In addition to the cons, Sasha and I are going to see Neil Gaiman in a couple of weeks, all of LT3 is going to an MB20/Goo Goo Dolls concert in August, and Sasha has dragged me into the black depths of wedding preparation for her sister. The wedding is the day before my birthday, Sasha is mollifying me by promising a trip to Niagra Falls (this is another long running joke between us. the rumor mills of the world have long decided we are married, so whenever we go to NY I make honeymoon cracks whenever I see the Niagra Falls signs. I think we’re actually going in August, when we go up for some bridal thing or another).

Weirdly, July is pretty quiet, which is good, because that is when this comes out:

And I am very excited. This book kept stumping me for a loooong time, until I finally figured out the love interest. Once he stopped being a mystery, the whole story came together nicely.

I am doing a blog tour thing for it, so as I’ve said in a couple of places (I apologize for being repetitive) if there was ever anything about Dance-verse you wanted me to talk about, let me know and I shall do my very best. I’ve had one request for the devices and gadgets etc that are used, and I may pull out my ridiculous spreadsheet for all to see, but past that I have no firm plans :3

And for the serial crowd, Dance Only for Me will be replaced by one of the fantasy stories that has been eating my brain lately.

It’s actually one of two stories in this verse, the second is supposed to be part of LT3’s Proud to be a Vampire Collection:

They’re independent, you don’t have to read one to read the other. The world building for these stories has been ridiculous, even for me. My brain lately has felt decidedly overcooked. But after I finish this post, it’s time to really and truly get cracking again. Lots to transcribe, and even more to write.

Interestingly, With Pride takes place three years before Of Last Resort. If I’m not completely fucking sick of this world by the time these two are done, I think I know what story is next, and it takes places several years before the other two. We shall see.

And I could ramble on forever, but I think you’ve put up with enough from me for one day. Ya’ll take care! Have a good rest of the week and a fantastic weekend ^_^


So here’s a question for you, peeps.

If I were to finally get around to audiobooks, which of my books would you like to see first? Gimme your top three :3

Various and Sundry things :3


Busy busy busy. I’m not sure what I would do with myself if I was ever NOT busy, though NGL I’d be more than happy to find out sometime.

Am mostly working on two long stories, related. I fell a bit behind (as usual) because of other stuff, but With Pride is nearly done and Of Last Resort is slowly getting there. Hoping to really crack into them next week and finally get that shit done. Between those two longer projects, I am juggling short stories — a mecha story for a private LT3 call, a short story for Wyatt (from Dance Only for Me) and  a Teen Wolf knight AU I’m going to work on for the Sterek Big Bang that starts in a couple of days.

TEEN WOLF STARTS SOON EEEEEEEEE. And HANNIBAL is my favoritest show ever. Between those, I watch marathons of Chopped and Sasha and I are working our way through S2 of Justified. I really really need for Person of Interest to come back.

Sasha’s last day at her dayjob is this Friday. After that, all of LT3 is fulltime LT3 😀

Sasha and I are celebrating with spring cleaning ^^;;; But next weekend I’m going to go see Pacific Rim, cause that movie looks *__*

Have a very busy summer looming. Concert, bridal shower, a couple of conventions, going to a book signing for Neil Gaiman’s new book, and I’m pretty sure there’s shit I’m forgetting. LT3 is busy with travelling and crap from June through September. We’re basically getting done with all of that in time for October, which is going to be crazy busy with 18 vampire stories and three other releases, and then straight into the holidays x_x

Much love to everyone who is enjoying my stories lately! I’ve gotten many lovely comments and reviews on Backwoods <3 And I have never been yelled at for a story so much in my life as I am with Engineered Throne. Even BB did not get me in this much trouble ^^;;;; Peeps seem to be enjoying Jackie and the rest of the Dance Only for Me posse, too, which makes me 😀 😀 😀

In two weeks, my double release with Sasha comes out!

remedybeach Herbs and spices.

This verse began with Quality Control, and Sasha let me steal a character from that book. That char was Astor, and he featured in The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn. The vampire in Beach Remedy is a cousin of Astor :3 I’m sure we’ll come up with more stories down the road, this verse is light-hearted and silly and fun. I had a blast with my character, Jordan, whom Sasha dictated would be a hippie witch ;3 And so he is.

And I feel there is something I’m forgetting, and it will come to me right after I hit post, but so it goes ;3

Ya’ll take care!

This Week

I am babbling all over the place! I know the idea of me babbling all over the internet is a shocking idea, but I have dragons and snakes and wolves to show off :3

Dracones came out this past Friday, and Backwoods Asylum comes out Wednesday.


Caitlin Ricci has generously allowed me to guest blog at her place, I am babbling about what weird means to me when it comes to writing :3

Darien of Pants Off Review kicks of my Backwoods Asylum tour, where I admit how I scheduled the whole tour by accident :3




The Babes in Boyland are putting up with my rambling about the animals I chose for Backwoods, and other creatures skulking around NC


Another double whammy! Darien is putting up with me again to ramble for Dracones, about the first dragon I ever wrote years ago in a college creative writing class.

And World of Diversity Fiction wraps up my Backwoods tour with a post about cooking ^__^

If you want to follow the whole of the Dracones tour, my fellow authors in the anthology will be visiting these places:

Sunday – Lor Rose at Babes in Boyland
Monday – D.K. Jernigan at Live Your Life, Buy the Book
Tuesday – Avery Vanderlyle at World of Diversity Fiction
Wednesday – Tam Ames at Joyfully Jay
Friday – E.E. Ottoman at The Armchair Reader
Saturday – E.R. Karr at The Novel Approach

And my giveaway at Stumbling Over Chaos is still going strong!

Everybody have a good week! ^__^

Giveaways and Such

Today is Samantha’s birthday! You can get 30% off anything in the store until midnight, just use code SamBDay.

Dracones comes out tomorrow! ^___^ If you’d like a chance to win a copy, visit my post here.

Stumbling Over Chaos is doing a giveaway of Backwoods Asylum here, many thanks! And I will give away more copies next week, when I visit Pants Off, the Babes in Boyland, and World of Diversity Fiction.

Went to see Into Darkness last night, did not get home ’til three, did not actually go to bed ’til five, so I am waking up very late and have a lot of shit to start catching up on ^^; First task! Finish my tentacle story for SMP. I only have the porn left :3 Weirdly, I actually have two unfinished tentacle stories. May try to see if I can find time to finish the second one somewhere.

Of course, I also have to come up with 5,00,000 blog posts x_x So off to work I go, everybody have a good day!

All of the books x_x

So when I started out this year, I had a few books planned, but not many. I’m just too busy to write as much as I used to, though with Sasha and Sam going LT3 full time that will probably change.

Somehow, I have managed with a crazy number of release anyway. I’m not sure how. It’s no wonder I’m so fucking tired.

May: Dracones and Backwoods Asylum

June: Herbal Remedy (which goes with Sasha’s Beach Remedy)

July: Dance Only for Me

October: With Pride and The Engineered Throne

Serial wise, I am working on Of Last Resort (which is the same verse, set three years later, as With Pride).

SMP has kindly given me an extension so I can still give them a tentacle story I promised I would write, which I am going to focus on today. Where I have time between all my other stories, I am picking away at a mecha story.

And somewhere in this mess, I would still like to tackle a number of other stories I wanted to do this year, and as ever LT3’s submission calls are very shiny and distracting. Check them out if you have not, the newest ones are Won’t Back Down and Satisfaction Guaranteed 😀

Now it’s time for caffeine and tentacles. Ya’ll take care :3

Pre-order, guest post, whatever else I think of

Dracones is up at Storm Moon Press and available for pre-order!

Definitely follow the link to check out the blurb for all the stories (which all sound so fucking shiny), but here is the one for mine:

Finally, in Lukos Heat, a mission of revenge sends the dragon Najlah into the mountains and into an unlikely partnership with the wolf shifter Barkus. And the closer they get to their quarry, the more they realize that nothing is as it appears.

And if you would like an excerpt of it, Emily at Sharing Links and Wisdom invited me to be a guest poster for her month-long birthday celebration. My post has excerpts for Lukos Heat and Backwoods Asylum (and giveaways), so drop by to read and say Happy Birthday to Emily ^___^

I am in very good company in this anthology, and cannot wait to read the other stories.

– – – – –

Way to Your Heart is all wrapped up. Thanks again to all who played along and celebrated with us, and all the kinds words from authors and readers alike. You can still read all the posts if you’re so inclined. Sasha is coordinating the giveaways, and handing out prizes over the next few days :3

– – – – –

Hannibal has premiered on NBC and I am so FUCKING OBSESSED. Mads Mikkelson is like my new true love, he is goddamn amazing as Hannibal, I can’t even. All of the actors are amazing, and the I love what they’ve done with Freddie and Bloom. Freddie especially, that’s an awesome genderbend so far. And the tension is so. much. worse. when you know what’s coming. I love it.

– – – – –

On the writing front, sadly have fallen behind. I wound up with a bunch of editing and beta projects and I’m so busy with those I haven’t been able to write much. But it’s hardly a chore and all the stories I’ve read so far have been amazing.

When I do manage to write a couple hundred or so words here and there, I am actually bouncing between two: Of Last Resort and With Pride. They’re both set in the same verse (Princes of the Blood), and With Pride is set three years before Of Last Resort, so being able to work on them simultaneously is interesting and handy. Of Last Resort is the one with which peeps are already familiar, it will be replacing Dance Only for Me in August as my LT3 serial.

With Pride will be part of the LT3’s Proud to be a Vampire collection, and comes out in October. It’s still very rough, but excerpt below, and now I must get back to work. I hope everyone has a good week!

Continue reading

Way to Your Heart & Covers!

The Way to Your Heart bloghop seems to be going well ^__^ All the love and thanks to those participating and celebrating with us! If you have not stopped in, there are many sweet and fun posts to be read, and all manner of prizes to be given away.

The master post is here, be sure to visit all of the authors who have joined in ^___^ I love my job and the peeps I work with, I really really do.

Woke up this morning to two covers!


The cover for my fluffy story about a snake shifter who finds a couple of abandoned wolf puppies 😀 It comes out May 22nd at LT3 ^___^ Aren’t those puppies the cutest fucking thing ever? So alone and sad! You will get saved, babies!

The cover for the SMP anthology I am part of, it comes out May 17th ^___^ Yay, dragons! I am very excited. From what I know of the other contributors, it’s going to be a shiny collection of stories.
And now back to work I go :3